Platypus Education Group are very excited to continue our Ambassador Program.

What is an Ambassador?  Our Ambassadors will become stewards of their local natural environment. We will give them the knowledge and the confidence to educate their community and peers about ways to protect the local platypus populations.

What does being an Ambassador involve?  The Ambassadors will meet up once a month throughout 2020 where they will be taught different aspects of environmental care. We will work with other local community groups to learn about tree planting, litter collections, a variety of native animals, and climate change. We will also learn how to inspire others to take action to protect the local environment. The Ambassadors will also be encouraged to volunteer with PEG at some of the local festivals and events, to educate the community and pass on their knowledge. 

With support from PEG, Ambassadors will work with their school communities to set up Environmental Awareness Groups and / or activities that aim to reduce litter and protect our local wildlife populations.

How old are the Ambassadors?  Ideally we would aim to work with students aged between 8 - 11 for the Junior Ambassadors  from Grades 3 - 5. PEG is also excited to launch a Senior Ambassadors program for kids aged 12 - 16 (Grades 6 - 10). However, PEG will consider an application from any student who is passionate about conservation and the environment.

Do parents need to be involved?  Sometimes, yes. For some activities (e.g. tree planting) we may require a parent or guardian to be present to assist the Ambassadors. Advance notice will always be given.

Is there a fee? The cost of being an Ambassador is $100 for the year. If you are struggling to cover the cost, please let me know as we may run a sponsorship program – we do not want any child left out due to financial reasons.

How do I become an Ambassador?  Please complete the application form and return it to platypuseducationgroup@gmail by Friday 24th January 2020.


In the meantime, please visit our Facebook or Instagram to keep up-to-date with the Ambassador's adventures!

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