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'Excellent presentation. Games & roleplay kept the students attentive & engaged'
Years 5 & 6 Teacher - Belgrave
'Congratulations - what a wonderful avenue for educating people about some of the threats to platypus. You're a legend!'
Environmental Science Teacher - Belgrave
'The students really enjoyed the session and are very enthusiastic to help protect the platypus'
Years 3 & 4 Teacher - Upwey

 'The children still talk about how they can save the platypus. We went for a bush walk and the children collected rubbish so they would be saving the platypus in the area.'

Principal - Olinda Primary School
'Great work - you really are making such an impact with your enthusiasm and passion'
Yarra Ranges Council Officer
'Thank you for all you are doing with The Elastic Band Challenge, and I am sure in many other ways, to protect them'
Sir David Attenborough
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