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  • Platypus are semi-aquatic mammals


  • They are one of three mammals which are part of the monotreme family (the others are the short beaked echidna, and long beaked echidna)


  • Female platypus lay eggs (1-3 each spring)


  • Adult males have venomous spurs on their hind legs


  • Platypus are found in the creeks & lakes of eastern Australia


  • The best time of day to spot a platypus is dawn & dusk


  • The best time of year is August – October (the breeding season) or February – April (when the juveniles leave their burrows)


  • Platypus love to eat small invertobrates such as yabbies, worms, and insects


  • Thy live in burrows - about 1m above waterlevel, surrounded by branches & native vegetation

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